Dare to Dream is a Christian based organization working with vulnerable children coming from various life situations, underprivileged homes, abandonment, abuse and life threatening illnesses. Our aim is to bring restoration to mind, body and soul while providing a one in a lifetime experience.

Dare to Dream was founded in January 2001 and is a registered Trust IT 401/01, we are also a Public Benefit Organization and a Non-Profit Organization 031-310-NPO.

The main aim of Dare to Dream, is to take children between the ages of 7 to 13 who are suffering with these illnesses on camps ranging from 3 to 7 days, at no cost to child or parent during school holidays.

The camps focus will be to provide the children the opportunity to:

    Experience adventure
    Learn life skills
    Play games
    Make new friends
    Talk about their problems and fears with trained staff & volunteers
    To enjoy the fellowship of those who are experiencing similiar problems    

In essence to help bring emotional relief, laughter and joy to their lives.