Angels Care Centre is a Non for Profit Public Benefit Organisation.

I would just like to tell you a short story of how much your camp means to our children that attend, two of our children that attended your camp in June/July 2016 stay in a Shabeen/Tavern in Howick so as you can imagine they don’t have a very good life as they see lots of things that children should not be exposed to as well as being neglected and left alone most of the time as their parents are too busy running a Shabeen/Tavern and drinking themselves, so when they heard they were going to this camp they were so excited and couldn’t wait to go.

I got some feedback from them on the trip back to Howick but unfortunately they don’t speak much English and I am not that good at Zulu, but their faces and excitement when I fetched them on the Saturday told me so much I could just see how their lives had changed even if it was only for those couple of days it had really made them see how different life can be when you have someone or in this case a whole lot of loving, caring people around you that treat you with dignity and respect and kindness and show you a whole lot of love.

So I ask whoever is out there if they can please donate towards this wonderful, life changing camp that has been going for so many years and changed the life of so many children, it really is a wonderful cause to help as it changes so many lives. On behalf of the children who were able to attend the camp in June/July, our Committee wishes to thank you for having given them this opportunity, and for your wonderful hospitality.

We wish you all the best, and thank you for the wonderful work you and your team are doing.

Thank you from everyone at Angels’ Care.

Angela Bowen
Angels Care Centre is a Non for Profit Public Benefit Organisation


David Tappin

On behalf of the seven children who were able to attend the April Easter camp, our Committee wishes to thank you for having given them this opportunity, and for your wonderful hospitality and patience.

We always get very good feedback from the children who go to the Dare to Dream camp, they are always thrilled about the exciting things they do and learn at the Dare to Dream camp and don’t want to go home when it is finished.

The one little boy who went last year that really sticks in our mind because the most exciting thing to him (besides all the activities and wonderful food etc.) was that he saw and used a real toilet for the first time in his life and he was about 10 years old, isn’t it so sad that such a simple thing means so much to someone and we take these simple things in life for granted every day of our life.

We wish you all the best, and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for so many poor indigent children giving them something to remember for the rest of their life, from everyone at Angels’ Care.


Angela Bowen Administrator
Dr. Carolyn Hancock

St. Monicas Child & Youth Care Centre

Dear Dave

Thank you The Board of Management, and the Director of our Home extend our sincerest appreciation to you for the opportunities granted to our children to attend the recent camp.

In our discussions with them regarding the camp, they stated that the activities were meaningful, And they had a good experiences.

Thank you once again for this.

Althea B.Daniels (Govender) Director.
St. Monicas Child & Youth Care Centre


Dear Dave

On behalf of the I Care, Lucky and the boys we would like to THANK YOU most sincerely for your kindness in giving our boys a wonderful and uplifting holiday at your Dare to Dream Holiday Camp during the September school holidays.

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all the daily activities. I believe something different everyday!! I am sure they experienced a lot of activities for the first time in their lives which they thoroughly enjoyed!

I Care is a non-profit Christian organization who are community based and engage directly with children on the streets. I Care is fully compliant – Section 18a, NPO and BEE certified with 100% black beneficiaries. The majority of the children are driven to the streets of our cities through poverty and abuse only to become trapped in a life of drugs, sexual exploitation, begging and crime and it is only through people yourselves that make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged children in our society.

Again THANK YOU for your support! I Care has a Drop-In Centre in Greyville, Durban and Brixton, Johannesburg, a Rehab Centre in KwaMakutha, (Amanzimtoti) and 3 houses in Lower Illovo to provide safety and to see that their needs are met within a family unit before being reunited with their families when and wherever possible.

I Care has a long lasting, sustainable impact – solving tomorrow’s problems, not just today’s.

We provide the following programmes for underprivileged children who find themselves on the street.

These are aligned to the Childrens’ Act no 38 of 2005 (as amended) Awareness Outreach Rehabilitation After Care Housing/Shelter Education Skills/Job Creation A BIG thank you once again, to you and your staff for giving these underprivileged children such a wonderful, fun filled experience – much appreciated!

Kind regards

Shirley van Rensburg
I CARE. Giving Street Kids a Future

Ethelbert Childresn's Home

Dear Dave

We are thrilled to report that we had a very blessed year in 2016 and we cannot thank our loyal and supportive donors enough.

Our children had a fabulous Christmas and we were very mindful to remind them of the reason for celebrating at this time of year.

Thank you for thinking of our children and supporting us in the work that we are called to do, support that makes a difference in the lives of the children who have been placed in our care.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the camp and came home very emotional with wonderful memories to cherish. Thank you for all you are doing for our children. You are part of their lives too. I am sure that 2017 is going to be as exciting and as challenging as 2016.

We are full of vigour and have every confidence that this year is going to be fruitful and positive for our current children in residence and for the new arrivals that will be joining us.

“Be the reason someone smiles today”

Yours sincerely

Vanessa Theophilus
DIRECTOR Ethelbert Childresn's Home

Youth for Christ

We would like to thank you for the good contribution you have done towards the development of our children, with the camps you normally invite them to.

It has contributed a lot on their positive behaviour and be able to be exposed to other environments and to interact with other children, as part of them to grow. We would like to be a part of the future upcoming camps with you and thank you for the good relationship we have established together.

Khayalethu is a project under Youth for Christ that serves children and youth at risk, such as family break down situations, poverty and life on the streets.

Philani Ngcobo Youth for Christ.
Khayalethu Project, 31 Burger Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

PMB Children's Home

Dear Dave

Once again, on behalf of the children at PCH I would like to thank you and your team for the invitation and inclusion of our children at the September 2013 Camp.

The 10 junior children that attended enjoyed their camp thoroughly and some of them had these comments to make: • Muzi: was excited to ride a horse for the first time. He loved the chance to ride a bicycle, use a bow and arrow, and to sleep in a tent.

He was very excited to spray water on the zebras. • Sphesihle: was excited abouot being outdoors and loved the animals the most, and being part of a group, and making new friends. • Philasande: enjoyed everything about the camp and especially the horses.

He liked playing outdoors and had fun wearing the bangles with light – in the night! • Siyabonga: The camp was “cool”, and said that he “will miss that place” because it was such fun but also they learnt to love and care for animals. • Kenan: “the camp was an exotic place to”…. See his feedback attached!! • Nondayathini: loved the sandart and hiking. She loved the devotional singing and talks about Jesus. She and Keenan loved the marshmallows… see her feedback • Amanda: listed everything she did at the camp and drew some pictures with a BIG THANK YOU. • Leeanne: wonderful message of thanks for everything • Samkelisiwe: “thank you for keeping me safe on this camp”.

She enjoyed all the activities and appreciated the worship time. • Silondiwe: Had fun playing soccer, and bow and arrows.

She learnt about the way GOD loves her, and loved singing His name.

She says thank you to Vuyiswa and “thank you for making camp a HOME” As you can read, the children have had an experience of a life-time and would love to attend again.

Thank you Dave for all the wonderful work you and your team take on by accepting to host our children each year, despite the difficulties and hiccups you face in preparing for them!!


Fiona Balgobind Manager,
PMB Children's Home